I'm Jen and I'm guessing you're here because you write or read speculative fiction. And you like baked goods. Can those two things coexist? Why yes, yes they can and I'm here to prove it to all non-believers!

I'm a writer of speculative fiction, dark fantasy, southern gothic and horror. I wanted someplace where I could talk specifically about these genres and hopefully help and connect with other writers of The Dark. You see, we're a misunderstood lot. "Why on EARTH would you want to write THAT?" is the most common question to a women who writes horror. Well, because it needs to be written, that's why.

I believe that if we write The Dark, we are able to bring it to light, uncover the horrors that lie within us. When you confront your fears, they don't have a hold on you. Sure, we all have our monsters and they come with many different masks. I guess you could say, I like umasking demons. That always was my favorite part of the old Scooby Doo cartoons: "And the ghost is really...dun, dun, DUN! Mr. Smith!"

I'm fascinated by the role darkness plays in story. I have a special affinity towards villains. Not all villains, mind you, but most of them get my sympathy. I think the two most important questions you can ask as a writer are "why?" and "why not?"

As for the baking, well, I loved baked goods, getting together with friends over cups of coffee and chatting about books. A lot of readers are writers and all writers should read. Coffee and sugar are staples to a writer's diet. Think of this as a virtual meet up for those of us who love a good ghost story.

Besides, you've heard that silly little saying, "Come to the dark side, we have cookies". Well, now we do!

Welcome to the Dark Side!

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