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Foxglove & Hive
stitchery and stories, folk art and herbals, makes and bakes: 
a celebration of  heritage through lovely, little things

It's no secret that I'm from the South. It's also no secret that we Southerners are a strange and confounding lot. I made peace with my Southern-ness when I moved to the Deep South. Letting my regional heritage consume my writing and my art has been quite the adventure. There's so much to learn down here, so much to explore and uncover. Join me as I stitch and craft my way through my roots and give wings to folkart flights of fantasy. Ramble along as I learn and practice folk herbalism and craft simple, home remedies that have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years for everything from coughs and colds to calming anxiety. It's not just about the ghosts that rustle under the kudzu. I share personal memories of growing up southern as well as recipes and folk art. Wander on by for tea!

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